We help law firms capture and share knowledge about how to create and vary complex documents
– through document automation

From the end-user's perspective

When automated templates are done right, the first step in creating a document is focused solely on conceptual choices and models for the document in question. This is a remarkable promoter for clear thinking and also ensures that all relevant conceptual choices and models are considered by the attorney.

Some documents might be 100% finished out of the Document Drafter, but it is not the end-goal to eliminate the need for case specific items to be drafted in manually. There, the attorney will get a highly tailored standard document and will immediately be able to focus on items where his or her drafting adds the most value.

Creating templates

Successful document automation for law firms starts and ends with creating high quality templates that are always helpful for the attorney, regardless of the specifics of the case at hand. This requires breadth of variations available and flexibility and it is a fundamentally different task than creating simple automated forms.

To enable creation of such templates, our template creator tool for Word has been built to help attorneys organize their knowledge about conceptual variations and models while they are creating the template. We believe document automation should make it much easier to create a high-quality template. It should not be a technical process on top of the struggle of making a traditional square bracket template. It goes without saying that no interaction with IT-professionals or super-users should be required.

What we do differently

Automated document creation has been available for more than 25 years without gaining any main stream adoption with law firms, despite the appealing proposition of faster document creation.

The Document Drafter approaches document automation from a different perspective. We believe the true power of document automation is the ability to create templates with much more variation than a traditional square bracket template. Creating templates that can serve as knowledge repositories perfected over time. Being able to create a 90-100% finished document in 10 minutes is a biproduct of a software facilitated knowledge process.

We believe our many top law firm customers have created template collections of a quality previously unseen in the legal industry and we know their attorneys love them.

Security and compliance

We consider it a competitive advantage to provide the security and documented compliance expected by top law firms

Microsoft Azure

The Document Drafter has been built on the Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service offering. This means that Microsoft is responsible for securing the infrastructure and platform that the Document Drafter application runs on.

Veteran Enterprise software CTO

Our development team is led by a veteran enterprise software CTO. Before joining Green Meadow, he spent the last 15 years as CTO of a globally leading provider of insurance software delivering cloud-based business critical software to financial institutions in strict regulatory environments.


We have engaged PwC as our security auditor and they continuously audit us under the ISAE 3402 framework.

Microsoft Silver Partner

We are a certified Microsoft Silver Partner

Reach out

We have a growing team of experienced former attorneys that support our customers and are passionate about helping attorneys share and use best practices through document automation.

If you would like to see how the Document Drafter works and learn more about our philosophy for how to work with document automation as part of your knowledge management efforts, please reach out:

Mail: info@gmeadow.com
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